Our real Indonesia Tikok shop as example – selling success, and ways earn on Tiktok Shop. UK Thailand Vietnam Malaysia

What you’ll learn
What is Tiktok
4 reasons why is Tiktok so popular
Benefit from Tiktok
Douyin today is tomorrow of Tiktok
Lijiaqi sold 2 million lipstick one day
Tiktok influence worth millions usd from 0
2 in 1 – personal influence
2 in 1 – sell on Tiktok Shop / market on Tiktok ads
What is Tiktok Shop
Show our real Tiktok shop of our team
How to open Toktok Shop
Upload products on Tiktok shop
Daily routine for Tiktok Shop
How to do Tiktok influence marketing
How to choose product to sell on Tiktok
Creator funds
Live steaming
Tiktok creator marketplace
Affiliate Marketing
Tikok to Shopify

Not requirement like education background, or business experience. It is for beginners.
We have made great success selling on Tiktok Shop

To help more people, we make this course, teaching you step by step, tutorial by tutorial how to sell on Tiktok shop.

New trend: Interest ecommerce (Tiktok Shop)

End users pay retail price

Creator promote products and get paid

Seller fulfill

Key difference of traditional ecommerce(Amazon) vs interest ecommerce (Tiktok shop)

Traditional: know, search, buy

View/kill time/ entertainment: like, want to have, interested

Where there is traffic, there is sales; traffic is the source of all ecommerce, especially under the situation of mobile internet / social media / Z generation / money motivation

Tiktok shop has great future, Douyin shop has proved this.

Tiktok now is about Douyin 5years ago

What is blooming in Douyin, will happen in Tiktok

Tik Tok team is pushing hard to make it not just an entertainment platform, but also e-com / business platform

I wish to bring you knowledge modestly to help you seize the chance of Tiktok

Apart from Tiktok shop, you will also learn other ways to make money on Tiktok , such asBenefit from TikTok Creator Fund

Tiktok Creator Fund is very direct, simple.


Are at least 18 years old

Are based in the United States, France, Germany, Italy, Spain or the UK.

Have at least 10K followers with over 100K video views in the 30 days prior to applying.

Have an account that meets the TikTok community guidelines.

How to win: views/ completed view rate/ like / followers/ comments/ forward, as many as possible

Not about your account personality, but about contents value

According to experience of some of my students:

They push a lot of contents, some get good result, actually some contents are from Douyin

Conclusions: This is a good way to let TK to pay for the cost for your account growth (growth for e-com, where there is a bigger moneyNot main stream of income, but a backup.

Also such as : Tiktok creator marketplace

Where creator meet brands and you paid by brands

Author(s): Myyshop E-learning


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