Youtube Marketing Course filled with Animated HQ Explainers, Actionable Guides, Screen Recordings & Interactive Quizzes.

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What you’ll learn
This Youtube Marketing Course is Filled with Animated HQ Explainers, Actionable Hands-on Guides, Screen Recordings, Interactive Quizzes & Writing Assignments.
In 4 Weeks you Will Be Ready to Create Fantastic Videos & Have Fully Optimised Youtube Channel & Facebook Creator Studio with Content Ready for Success.
Create Ideal YouTube Channel and Video Descriptions. Choose the Best Performing Video Titles. Optimise YouTube Tags. Get more Traffic to your YouTube Channel.
Optimise your YouTube Content. Get more People Watching, Liking, and Subscribing as Possible. Learn Audience Engagement Signals. Rank Better on Youtube.
Learn the 5 Most Important Ranking Factors to Improve your YouTube SEO Game. Use YouTube Strategies and Tips to Attract more Shares, Likes and Subscribes.
Use Smartphone, Drone and Microphone to keep your Videos Smooth & Your Sound Ultra-Clear. Create Magnificent Videos with Drone. Learn Editing Techniques.
Shoot Stunning Ariel Videos from the Sky Using Drone and Go Niche as A Pro Drone Pro Video Creator. Create Content That Generates Clicks, And Shares.
Handy Walkthroughs to Adobe Premier Pro. Cut Videos Like Professional. Improve your Sound. Use Handy Tools. Create Trailers. Create Animated Videos in Toonly.

Smartphone for Video Shooting (Optional)
Any kind of Drone (Optional)
Adobe Premiere Pro (You can Try Premiere Pro with a 7-day Free Trial)
Laptop or Computer for Editing your Videos or Project Videos
Hi and welcome to the Ultimate YouTube Essentials Guide, the most current, easy-to-learn and complete resource to help you get content that gets many views and subscribes on YouTube. In this Guide well be covering the most essential aspects of YouTube Content Creation and Marketing, and well be showing you how to set up and position your first YouTube channel as well as how to get your content discovered in YouTube Search.

This YouTube Marketing Course is filled with animated HQ explainers, actionable hands-on guides, screen recordings, interactive quizzes A, B, C, D & writing assignments to make learning Fast & Fun! It also includes huge resource centre & creative projects! This YouTube Marketing Course has clearly organised curriculum to help you progress day by day. In 4 weeks you will be ready to create fantastic videos & have fully optimised YouTube Channel & Facebook Creator Studio with content ready for success.

Well be looking at:

Creating your YouTube Channel – and Positioning it for Success

Optimising your content – so you get as many people watching, liking, and subscribing as possible

Monetising your YouTube Video Content – once youve gathered some subscribers, you can start earning a second income from your published videos!

Youll learn:

How to create ideal YouTube Channel and video descriptions

How to pick the perfect Channel Name

How to create Visuals with max appeal to your target audience

How to choose Video titles

How to perform Keyword Research so you rank well

How to optimise YouTube tags and Hashtags

How to get more traffic to your YouTube channel

And more, start watching for all our helpful strategies!

All you have to do is be prepared to put in just a little effort and apply the knowledge well share with you in this video guide. We know that if you employ our advice, youll enjoy enormous success on YouTube, as so many of our students have already achieved.

Ready to learn how to be successful on YouTube?

In this guide, youll learn the most essential things you need to know if youre looking to improve your YouTube SEO strategy, and gain more subscribers, likes and shares.

Start watching and youll learn:

The 5 most important ranking factors to improve your YouTube SEO game

Audience Engagement Signals – why they matter, and how to improve yours

Strategies and tips to attract more shares, likes and subscribes

Rank better on Youtube – how to up your SEO game on your video title, description, keywords, and tags, so your content reaches a wider audience

Easy ways to promote your content – and MAX your YouTube traffic, including how to use the YouTube End Screen feature to get more views, subscribers, and traffic!

YouTube Hashtags – and how they can help boost your contents visibility

And more. keep watching to learn all our pro tips for YouTube success!

Learn How to market your YouTube Channel:

There are a number of elements you must consider when creating your channel positioning including:

What makes your channel unique – are you covering a topic that hasnt really been looked into in any depth before, or are you coming from a fresh angle? Or, is there anything you are doing differently or better than your competition?

How often you will be publishing content – Will you be putting out videos every day or every week? Twice a week? Or less?

The type of content youll be creating – Do you want to feature How To Guides, or interviews, or will you be primarily posting vlogs, discussions, or another type of video?

The length of your YouTube videos – Are you shooting for short, punchy segments, or will you be doing deeper dives?

The audience you are targeting – This is a crucial element. All of your content, as well as your marketing and branding, must be designed to have maximum appeal to your target audience.

Are you ready to get more views and subscribers on YouTube?

If youre currently struggling to get your content found, or it seems like an uphill struggle getting people to comment, like or share, this guide is for you! As long as youre prepared to put in just a little effort and apply the knowledge well share, we know you can improve your YouTube audience share – and rank higher on the platform.

Learn how to create content for YouTube:

In this guide, youll learn how to plan content that appeals to your audience, how to shoot for success, and define your own unique content style. Youll also discover some easy editing tricks that will polish up your videos to a professional looking standard.

Youll learn

How to plan for a perfect shoot

How to create a memorable video style

How to shoot great content that your viewers will love

How to easily edit your videos

How to choose the most effective equipment – and get it at the best price

And more tips and techniques to take your YouTube game up a notch

Weve really passionate about helping our students produce great content for YouTube as we know this is the No1 essential key to success on the platform. No matter how great is your marketing, if your content sucks, you wont get the viewers you deserve. With this essential guide, youll be able to quickly and inexpensively create amazing content that will score you the likes, shares, and comments you want.

All you need to get started is a willingness to learn and the ability to put our advice into practice – if you have this, we will help you do the rest! Remember, it may take a little bit of time and effort, but we know you can do this, and weve got you covered.

Learn how to focus on the first 15 seconds:

The first 15 seconds of your video is so important that YouTube even mentions this – because this is the make-or-break time period where your viewers will decide whether to continue watching or go elsewhere.

If you can wow viewers with an enticing first 15 seconds, chances are youll have hooked them in, and theyll stay on to watch the rest of your content. Regardless of how much planning you intend to do, its always worthwhile thoroughly planning out this part of your video.

To create a truly great first 15 seconds, you first need a hook, which is something that will get people initially excited, so they want to stick around to watch whats coming next. Think about your target viewer demographic when creating your hook, what is it they want to learn or find out about and how can you communicate that theyll get this if they stick around?

Learn how to use YouTube Cards:

YouTube Cards allow you to add interactive elements to your content and this is an extremely useful feature if youre looking to promote something. Cards can be used to get almost anything you can imagine in front of your audience, from your merchandise to your blog, as well as your other content, and playlists.

Viewers can see your YouTube Cards whether they are watching on a mobile device or on a desktop, and you should certainly make use of this feature, as Cards can give you a helpful boost, where you need it most.

Learn how to find affordable high-performance equipment:

If you do want to invest in some equipment to shoot with, well show you how to pick up an affordable, high-quality right that will take your YouTube content to the next level.

Learn how to plan shooting:

Planning is also an important component when it comes to your actual video shoot. There are several elements you will need to prepare beforehand, from setting up your lighting to deciding on the camera angles you will be using in your video.

If you plan your shoot in advance and think ahead to the editing stage, youll save yourself a lot of editing time. Youll also get a far better result when you actually hit the record button.

Learn video creation using your Smartphone & Drone:

Use smartphone, drone and microphone to keep your videos smooth and your sound ultra-clear. Create magnificent videos with drone. Learn editing techniques so you can polish up your productions with Adobe Premier Pro. Get royalty free music & luts for cinematic effects to enhance your creations.

Learn golden rules of great audio:

Audio mistakes are tricky to address once you reach the editing phase, so its better to do everything you can in advance to ensure your raw footage is error free. Before you hit record, the first thing you should check is your recording environment, as its difficult to edit out echo or a loud background noise after the fact.

Learn Adobe Premier Pro:

If youre ready to improve your video editing skills in no time flat, youve come to the right place. Weve put together helpful Adobe Premiere tutorials starting from beginner to advanced techniques for you to level up your expertise in an easy-to-follow progression.

Well go over everything from basic editing principles, text, sound mastering, colour grading, and more. So, if youre an aspiring video editor or well beyond the newbie stage, youre sure to find a tutorial that will refine your skills in a hurry.

Learn how to decide on your unique style:

The most successful content creators on YouTube all have a distinct style thats highly unique to them. Having your own style is a huge help when it comes to standing out on the platform, as it immediately makes you more memorable to your viewers.

Define a standout style that fits well with the type of content you are producing, and you will get an important edge on your competitors who are covering a similar topic.

When you enrol, you also get:

Course Materials and Tuition worth at least $1.080 – you get it all – for a tiny fraction of the cost!!

Handy PDF & MP3 packed with useful and Extra Resources you can download from our huge Resource Centre

Interactive Quizzes & Writing Assignment

Lifetime access & Lifetime updates

Udemy certificate of completion – ready for download

30-day money back guarantee

Fast & friendly support in the Q&A section – ask me a question anytime

PDF 10 lessons to quit your job and become a digital nomad

PDF 10 reasons to become a digital nomad today

PDF Digital Nomad Secrets

PDF Starter pack for digital nomads

PDF 157 questions that will help you raise your prices dramatically

PDF Ebook-Side Hustle Secrets

PDF Create a photography landing page that turns visitors in to clients

PDF Find photography clients before travelling to your next destination

PDF Presentation template: Attracting high value clients whilst travelling

PDF Pricing Strategies and Adding Value

Are you excited and ready to get started?

If so, grab a drink and get comfortable, so that youre primed to learnHow to become a top content creator on YouTube! Lets jump straight in and take a deep dive into our very first topic Planning your First YouTube Shoot…


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