I wish I had this course when I was younger, this course would have saved me lots of struggles with understanding why my videos weren’t getting the views they deserve, getting de-stuck and start getting more subscribers on my youtube channel.

Getting 1000 subscribers is a youtuber’s first milestone on youtube, and it is the hardest 1000 subscribers you will ever get.
You might feel stuck on youtube, you might even feel underrated, but this course will clear everything up, and will give you methods you can use

I MADE SURE that this course is as simple and as concise as possible, I made sure that it will help you study your youtube analytics and become and expert in navigating through the youtube studio

This course covers lots of different topics…

Do you struggle to get more youtube subscribers? This course got you covered

Do you struggle to understand your youtube analytics? This course got this as well !!

Do you struggle to optimize your videos for the youtube algorithm? This course got that as well !!

This course covers :

Optimizing your youtube videos and youtube thumbnails for the youtube algorithm
Understanding your videos performance, why your videos didn’t get as much views
Understanding traffic sources and which to target to start accumulating growth
And much much more…
This course is dedicated to youtube success and youtube growth, it will show you how to grow on youtube for youtube beginners, it will show you how to get more views and more subscribers on youtube, It will help you understand the youtube algorithm and how to grow your business using a youtube channel

This course will help you grow your youtube channel and achieve your potential on youtube building an authentic youtube channel that’s successful

Youtube Success can be really hard to achieve, and the youtube algorithm can be stressful and hard to figure out, from how to make youtube videos, to how to grow on youtube, with all those complex youtube analytics, it can be hard to figure out how to get more views on youtube or how to get more subscribers on youtube.

Growing your youtube channel should be your main goal on youtube, understanding youtube marketing, youtube seo, as youtube for beginners can be really toxic, figuring out how to start a youtube channel, adapting and learning youtube tips and tricks, search for youtube growth tips on how to grow your youtube channel.

I will help you throughout your youtube journey, I have been on youtube for 8 years, mastered lots of youtube growth strategies, and experimenting with youtube 24/7 throughout multiple youtube generations, youtube 2018, youtube 2019, youtube 2020, youtube 2021, and youtube 2022, and I have no plans for stopping :D..

Whether that being covering how to edit your youtube videos, how to design youtube thumbnails, how to film and edit your first youtube video, how to plan and script your youtube videos, or even how to add tags to your youtube video…

Hopefully you enjoy the course, let me know because it will make my day 


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