Dive into the exciting world of NFTs and take ownership of your creative work in a whole new way! By taking this class, you agree to these terms.

As one of the first NFT superstars, pplpleaser has found creative freedom and financial reward creating eye-catching, culturally resonant art. With wildly successful collaborations and her work gracing the covers of magazines like Vogue and Fortune, no artist better understands the unique position of today’s creators when it comes to the growing world of NFTs.

Now she’s excited to share exactly what NFTs are and guide you through the process of transforming your creative work into digital assets. 

Through real-world examples and detailed demos, you will:

  • Identify whether NFTs are right for you
  • Create a digital wallet
  • Explore NFT marketplaces
  • Translate your creative work into digital art
  • Understand the NFT minting process

Plus, you’ll learn how to obtain free tokens to use on the Ethereum Test Network for a chance to explore the NFT minting process without spending any money. 

This class is for creators of all stripes. Whether you’re an experienced digital artist or more versed in selling analog goods, this class will introduce you to a growing trend in buying and selling digital assets and equip you with the technical knowledge you’ll need to mint your first NFT.


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