Learn how to create your own NFT in 10 minutes
Understand the foundation of Blockchain
Master how to buy NFT in OpenSea
Understand how to sell NFT in OpenSea and Sandbox
Install the digital wallet Metamask and configuration
Learn how the Play-To-Earn games work with the NFT
How to TOP UP ethereum token with your credit card or apple pay
Practice how the token SWAP work

No technical background required
No Crypto knowledge required
PC or MAC or Laptop with good Internet connection

No wonder you keep hearing about NFT around your community, this is no doubt a super hot topic nowadays, however, to be honest, only below 1% of the people in the world truly understand what they really are.

Yea NFT is literally the short form of Non-Fungible Token, but what does that actually mean

In this intensive course, I will share all my experiences with you, in a very systematic structure with full explanation and showcases, not only teach you how to buy and invest NFT wisely but also teach you how to create your own NFT asset with nearly ZERO cost. Moreover, I will walk through with you step by step the most famous NFT platform like Opensea with lots of tips on how to use them wisely. Extra bonus of this course, not only you will learn SandBox, which is the most famous play-to-earn game on the planet, but also you can learn how to invest in some useful tools helping you create 5000 NFT automatically! This is huge and amazing, helping me save tons of .

As a bner of NFT and Cryptocurrency, I really know how hard it is to understand those teologies like gas fee, minting, slippage, staking, DAO, LP, etc. I will explain to you one by one how they work so that you can master them and work with the NFT and Crypto with much more confidence. You can’t build a great building on a weak foundation. You must have a solid foundation if you’re going to have a strong superstructure. The foundation stones for a balanced success in the crypto world are all covered in this course.

Above all are my own 1000+ hours of experience and tips with my team and students, hope to help you save tons of doing research and keep failures.

Absolutely Bner of NFT and Cryptocurrency
Photographers who want to publish your photos to earn some passive income
Artist who want to launch you art master pieces in digital format
Investors who want to understand the values and potential of NFT market
Musician who are interested to publish their songs in NFT format instead of putting on spotify
Youtuber who want to earn huge income by creating their own NFT promote to their followers
Youth workers who want to understand the next generation world


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