What you’ll learn
How seasonal patterns operate within financial markets
How to confirm if a market is following a seasonal pattern
How to use seasonal patterns to plan ahead and take advantage of future market moves
TWO strategies to trade seasonal moves
How to use seasonality to manage your trades better

In this course, you will learn how to profit from the seasonal patterns that exist within financial markets. Not all market movement is random, much of what we see in financial markets is the result of repeating supply and demand for products that drive repeating patterns within the markets we trade. Seasonality is the study of these patterns, and by identifying them and understanding how they drive market direction, we can prepare for this direction and better profit from it.

The course is designed for both traders and investors, so whether you day trade currencies or invest in Gold miners, the information covered in this course will help you understand the future direction of your favorite markets, and give you a whole new approach to analysing those markets.

In this course you will learn:

What seasonality is, and how we create seasonal charts.

How seasonality will allow you to better predict future market direction.

How to read a seasonal chart properly.

Learn why every market will have more than one seasonal pattern, and how you can use that to your advantage.

How to correctly confirm if a market is following a seasonal pattern.

How to take a seasonal pattern and apply it to your charts.

How to combine the current market structure with a seasonal pattern.

How to use seasonal patterns to manage your trades better.

Two strategies to trade seasonal trend reversals, and also trend continuation.

Using seasonality will help you become a more pro-active trader or investor, giving you the skills to anticipate market structure and future price action before it even happens, allowing you to focus on more high probability markets to trade and trade setups.

Who this course is for:
Traders and investors with a minimum of 6-12 month experience already under their belt.


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