What you’ll learn
Learn how to trade Forex without affecting your normal daily routine, so that you can trade Forex without stress
Understand Forex emotional market play, so that you don’t go into the 90% loser category
Learn one of the best kept secrets which the pro traders and brokers don’t want you to know – The 13 Alphabets (Not found on the internet).
Learn how to conduct weekend market analysis, so that you know what currency pairs to track for the upcoming week
Position yourself with market movers – Banks, Funds, etc, so that you are only going to market when the big boys are going in
Implement robust risk management policy, so that you can protect your account from disaster
Learn how to manage your trades for maximum profits, so that you can see you Forex account consistently grow
See some of my recorded Live trades with detailed explanations so you can understand my thought process
And more…

In this course, I’ll Personally teach you 3 Profitable Forex Trading Strategies (Including some Live Trades), designed for people who have a Full-Time Job / Business, which will make you a Profitable Forex Trader Overnight, Guaranteed!.

This course if for people who cannot seat in front of the computer 24 hours a day, waiting for a trade setup. I’ll take you from an Absolute Beginner, to a Market Professional who knows what to look for in any of the 28 Currency Pairs.

The strategy you will learn Includes one of the best kept secrets which the Brokers and Pro Traders don’t want the average private trader to know – The 13 Alphabets (Not found on the Internet).

Knowing this, you’ll be able to participate in the liquidity pool of Investment Banks, Hedge Funds, etc. by only BUYING when they are BUYING and SELLING when they are SELLING. This is how you become a Profitable Forex Trader.

Joining this course, you’ll also be invited to join our Private Student Community on Slack where you can receive Live on-going student support. I’ll be there too, so you can ask me any questions.

So, look no further. This is the only Forex course you’ll ever need to join the winning 10% of Forex traders. Join Today.

See you in the program

– Don

Who this course is for:
People who want to trade Forex without needing to be glued to their trading terminals 24 hours a day, waiting for trade setups
People who finally realised that trying to trade Forex from their Forex Mobile App whilst at work just wouldn’t cut it
People tired of losing money in Forex
Beginner Forex trader looking to learn the right and profitable Forex trading strategy
Experienced Forex trader looking for a better, stress-free and profitable trading strategy
People who work full time and want to trade Forex
People who run a business during the day and want to trade Forex


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