NFTs, the world has changed a lot since these things took the mainstream media and are now everywhere. Non Fungible Tokens are not just jpegs and png anymore they define you and me.

That is why you want to learn about NFTs and how to create an NFT of your own.

In this course, I will teach you a lot about NFTs and cryptos in the easiest way possible and it includes – 

  1. What are NFTs?
  2. How are NFTs made and what type of files are accepted as NFTs?
  3. Why do you need an NFT?
  4. How to create an NFT in 10 minutes from scratch?
  5. How to create crypto wallets and 
  6. Why do you need a crypto wallet for NFTs
  7. How to safeguard your wallets?
  8. What are cold, hot, and online and offline wallets?
  9. How to mint NFTs on the marketplace?
  10. How to create awareness about your NFTs and art
  11. How to literally change anything to an NFT?

All of this will be taught to you in the simplest of forms, and this is the future of the world.

Be a part of the Web 3.0 revolution and create an NFT for yourself today, I will see you inside the class.


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