What you’ll learn
Identify about the NFT & Crypto
Identify Major NFT’s Sells Network
Identify Main Block chine and Manage Crypto Volet
Identify NFT’s Buying , Selling and Create Process Properly

Hello there! Do you want to make money from the NFT Crypto market? This is the right Non-Fungible Tokens course for you!

In this lesson, you can learn how to buy, sell and create NFTs. What are smart contracts and what’s the blockchain? How to use Metamask? What are the main NFT marketplaces? How to identify NFT scams? How to evaluate projects? And much more!

I’m going to guide you step by step and show you how easy it is to buy, sell and create an NFT.

Anybody can create an NFT, but there are some important steps, and you need to understand the technologies behind it, its features, and constraints.

I will guide you through the steps and good practices to create an NFT so that you can be confident that you also do the right steps when you create your first NFT.

You don’t need any coding skills to create an NFT, but you need to follow some steps, have a wallet, buy some crypto for gas and sign the transaction.

In this course, you will learn:

What is the NFT’s?

NFT’s Market Real Situation / Real behavior

Type of Crypto wallet

How to Create MetaMask Wallet ?

Most Popular NFT’s Selling Platform

How the Buy, sell and Create NFT’s

What are the Gas Fees

How to find Future NFTs Project

Design, Generate and Upload 10000 NFT’s

Design NFTs Layers

How to Generate 10000 NFTs without carding knowledge

How to Upload 10000 NFTs to the opensea automatically

How to withdraw Crypto to the Bank

Another special benefit for students:

Lifetime personal support for becoming successful with NFTs marketplace

100% practical course with experience

practical proof for becoming successful with NFTs Market

privet Facebook group for “NFT Crypto Master Course: Buy, Sell & Create NFT’s (Sinhala)” course students

Direct Whatapp support, if have any problem with freelancing

Able to work with Several NFTs Market place

As well as this course was mainly created to, one who uses the Sinhala language for communication around the world, and my main purpose is to educate the Sri Lanak Peoples to become successful online Businessmen, another hand side I’m always trying to be educated, what is the Right ways to work online and how to become a success within Online

Finally, I want to say Like this “Please, Lean this course carefully and achieve your life goals


I’m a Business Management and Software engineering degree holder and Professional for Online workers. also, I’m a Self-employer for more than 10+ years and I would like to share my knowledge around the world. so in that situation, I desired to conduct lessons on Udemy like that.

Invest in your future. Enroll in this NFT Crypto Master Course: Buy, Sell & Create NFT’s (Sinhala) now, and turn it into a sustainable business.

Are there any course requirements or prerequisites?

Personal desktop/laptop computer

Stable internet connection

Basic knowledge of operating computer


Who this course is for:

Beginner of NFTs / Crypto Market

Anyone who, Find the opportunity to make money online


ThisNFT Crypto Master Course: Buy, Sell & Create NFT’s (Sinhala) comes with an unconditional, Udemy-backed, 30-day money-back guarantee. This is not just a guarantee, it’s my personal promise to you that I will go out of my way to help you succeed just like I’ve done for thousands of my other students.

Who this course is for:
Interested peoples about the “Self-employer” or Make Money Online
Begginer of the NFT selling and Crypto Investing


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