I said it 4 years ago and I will say it again. NFT’s are hot.

NFT’s will change the world.

Will you listen to me this time? I don’t know.

It may be that the NFT market bombs tomorrow. Do I think it will?

I think it will have ups and down just like Bitcoin does. Bitcoin pumps and then it crashes. It pumps again and then it crashes.

People LOVE to focus on when the crypto world crashes.

“You see I told you it was a bubble”

Then when it goes crazy high again another group of people all of a sudden are experts.
NFT’s will be the same. You have to understand that. I believe in the end it will dominate. I said it 4 years ago and I am on the record again saying it.

The dumbest thing you can do is spend money you don’t have on anything crypto related because it is speculative. Most people that are uninformed get in at the top. Spend their money, it goes down and they sell. Don’t be that person!

In my opinion, like I said many years ago I believe Crypto will change the world. It changed my life already and it can change yours.

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