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What you’ll learn
Learn all digital marketing concepts to create a digital marketing strategy
Define SMART goals for your digital marketing strategy and understand your role in their success
The importance of choosing and measuring actionable metrics, not vanity metrics that just feel good
Manage the interplay between brand, product and campaigns in your organisation
How to manage a digital marketing agency; procurement, project management & communication
Understand your customers in the context of your planned digital marketing strategy
Set time based goals that are not too aspirational but create energy and motivation
The right metrics for your digital marketing will get people taking the right action to make progress
Develop personas for your typical customers so you can understand needs, wants, behaviour and life stages
Learn Facebook organic results, sponsored ads, and Facebook pages, videos and marketplace
The main benefits of using LinkedIn as a digital marketing tool for businesses; thought leadership, brand awareness, lead generation
How to achieve thought leadership for your organisation using LinkedIn for digital marketing
Cultivate your LinkedIn network with highly targeted search that develops quality leads
Build brand awareness with LinkedIn pages that your employees can follow & help promote; see examples
How to run coaching and interview webinars to drive YouTube audience growth
How YouTube livestream can help drive digital marketing success for your business
Introduction to tools for broadcasting and hosting YouTube livestream webinars

Who this course is for:
This course is for anyone who wants an overview of the most popular topics in Digital Marketing


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