Hi and welcome to Creating YouTube Videos from START to FINISH. My name is Cal and the classes I produce here are all based on the belief that we should develop practical skills, invest in ourselves, and create things that solve other people’s problems. Simply put, I believe that more skills equals more freedom: the freedom to do the work we want, wherever we want.

Video production is a skill that is in demand and on the rise. We’re all consuming more content by video, and YouTube is a major video platform that allows us to produce all sorts of content whether that be for entertainment or learning.

In this course, I’ll guide you through 10 sections specific to YouTube video production and success.

Those include:

  1. Equipment & Setup
  2. Finding Your Niche
  3. Generating Video Ideas
  4. Creating Clickable Titles
  5. Designing Clickable Thumbnails
  6. Writing a YouTube Specific Script
  7. Filming Your Videos
  8. My Editing Workflow
  9. Publishing on YouTube
  10. And How to Analyze & Adjust Your Videos Once They’re Live

I’ve personally taken my own YouTube channel and have reached the required 4000 hours and 1000 subs for monetization status in less time with fewer videos than it takes the average person. Not only that, I busted the myth that you need to upload often and regularly. Furthermore, my YouTube channel is dedicated to the topic of video production. 

And I want to take what I have learned through research and experience to help you create better videos on YouTube.

If you plan to start a channel or have fewer than 1000 subscribers, if you wake up disappointed each morning that your channel isn’t growing, if you feel that your videos aren’t as good as you want, then this may be the course for you.

All you will need for this course is the equipment you have been filming with such as a camera, microphone, and tripod (or something to stabilize your camera.) However, as you’ll see in our first section, I do have a few additional recommendations.


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