A simple way to understand the Crypto markets.

What you’ll learn
Learning to use cryptocurrency exchanges and safely secure your coins.
Learning to use TradingView to recognise chart patterns and develop trading/investing strategies.
Learning the unique dynamics of the cryptocurrency market to gain an edge.
Learning how to interpret onchain analysis to identify good investing opportunities and early warning signals.
Learning how the cryptocurrency market cycles work and how to properly navigate them using various models.
Learning how to screen cryptocurrencies and identify good quality cryptos through fundamental analysis.
Learning how the larger macro economy influences the cryptocurrency markets and identifying early warning patterns.
Learning the basic principles of the mindset needed to survive and thrive as an investor/trader.
Learning how to interpret seemingly complex data in a simple way, so that you can identify optimal times to buy and sell.
Learning how to develop a system based approach that covers a 360° view of the cryptocurrency markets.

Hey everyone! This course is designed to give you a 360° skillset when analysing the cryptocurrency markets. The skills given to you in this course are highly valuable, especially in a rapidly growing industry such as crypto. It will cover:

Introduction and basics (This module is designed to walk the complete beginner through buying their first coins and familiarising themselves with exchanges all the way to safely storing and securing them. I’ll go over my own personal workflow and how I do this entire process)

Investing and trading (This module is designed to give you a thorough rundown on how I chart and what my trading strategies are. Honestly that’s just scratching the surface, I’ve literally poured my entire brain into this module which also expands to chart patterns, building a portfolio, in depth market dynamics and trading types with strategies for each)

Onchain data analysis (This module is designed to get you familiar with analysing Onchain metrics, which metrics I use as well as priceless resources for dynamically evolving your learning through time)

Market cycle analysis (This module is designed to dive into the Bitcoin cycles and how you can use the provided indicators/patterns to your advantage when making mid-long term investments)

Fundamental analysis (In this module we cover fundamental analysis and how to find/interpret the data to find good quality projects)

How other markets influence crypto (In this module we cover how the macro economic backdrop effects crypto and how to monitor it to detect early warning signals)

Mindset and psychology (The markets are much less technical than you think, in fact emotion is the major driver for price movement. This module covers basic principles of the mindset needed to survive and thrive as an investor/trader)

My secret weapons (In this module I literally give all of my personal investing edges to you, from price models that predict the tops and bottoms of markets to the T, what I look for in coins and my highly valued resources/recommendations).


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