Join YouTube Star Tayo Aina to discover how to build a huge following on Youtube.

When it comes to YouTube, Tayo Aina is an expert. After he began posting travel videos on his YouTube channel, he built up his following to the well-known travel and lifestyle channel it is today. Tayo uses his social media to inspire people to fall in love with life, themselves and find value in their immediate environment. Now, he’s sharing his favorite tips and techniques to help creators build a successful youtube platform by doing what they love, chasing their passion, and earning a sustainable residual income while doing so.

In his signature conversational and authentic style, Tayo shares how to:

  • Optimize your YouTube channel
  • Get Discovered Online
  • Understand the Youtube Backend
  • Get more views with your Videos.

Whether you’ve always dreamed of becoming a YouTube star and making money by creating content you love, or have had an active YouTube channel for years, Tayo’s authenticity-focused approach will help you get your content discovered thereby leading to more success on the platform. 

After taking this class, you’ll be empowered to create a career out of making videos understand what type of content to create to get views, and grow your subscriber base by creating content your audience really wants to watch.


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