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Bitcoin and ALTs Crypto Trading that Work and can Make You a Successful Cryptocurrency Trader and Investor

What you’ll learn
Simple and Practical Technical Analysis
Trade Setups with Checklists that Can be Used Right Away
What are the Most Common Trading Mistakes and How to Avoid Them
How to Find the Next Big Crypto Project with Fundamental Analysis
Risk Management for Trading & Investing
Hands on Approach with Real Trade Examples
Portfolio Management
Step by Step Guides to Entering and Managing Trades
How to Analyze the Big Picture on the Cryptocurrency Markets
How to Take Profit and Cut Losses Early
How to Build Trading Routines
How to Analyze Market Sentiment
What’s a Healthy Market Trend

Would you like to become an independent and profitable crypto trader and investor?

That’s my goal with this course and inside you will find all the necessary tools that you will need to build your own approach to trading and investing in cryptocurrencies.

Let me show you how we can do this together

1. Cover all the basic principles that you will ever need of technical and fundamental analysis.

2. Understand the bigger market cycles and what affects crypto markets in general.

3. Design your own strategy in trading based on your personal preferences.

4. Learn tested and proven profitable strategies with a step-by-step approach and checklists.

5. Learn from my biggest mistakes and how to avoid them.

6. Create your own trading routine that will help you become better in trading and investing.

7. Learn how to manage trades once you have executed them properly.

8. Learn how to avoid significant portfolio losses.

9. Create a management plan for your own personalized portfolio.

10. Work with real life trades that I’ve taken. We will go over them together.

Every step of the way there will be plenty of examples that will help us understand the key principles of successful trading and trade management. I’ve included checklists for every section of the course. Later, you can use them while you are trading on your own and review all the steps that you need to be taking.

Most importantly, we will discuss how to

– First, survive on the markets and avoid significant portfolio losses;

– Then, how to thrive on the markets and build a long-term profitable trading career in any market condition.

Here’s a list of some of the things that we will discuss in the course

How much money you should start investing in crypto with

How to set your trading goals

How to spot trends in any market environment

Overview of the most important technical analysis tools with minimalistic approach to TA

How to stop and use horizontal and diagonal support and resistance levels

What are Fibonacci Retracement and Extension tools and how to use them

How to find high probability areas on charts that can help you when trading

How to read charts in 20 seconds and understand what’s happening on the markets

Why is fundamental research important

What are indicators like market cap, volume, exchange diversification and others

Research the community behind a project and why is this important

What are Token Economics and how to read them

Bitcoin market cycles and their importance to the overall picture

Different trade setups like break out, washout, accumulation and dollar cost average

How to apply each trade setup and when to trigger each trade scenario

How to manage a trade and build scenarios for any outcome

The importance of position sizing

How to manage risk and what is a stop loss

The importance of taking profits

Dealing with Fake Out Break Outs (FOBO)

How to build a powerful trading routine

Why journaling about your trades is so important

How to find new project to invest in

What is Fear of Missing Out (FOMO) and Fear, Uncertainty and Doubt (FUD)

How to avoid the most common trading mistakes

Managing your emotions while in the live crypto markets

How to manage a portfolio and protect your gains and many more

Crypto is right now is like the internet in 1999. It’s new and it has the potential to create life changing wealth. Now is the best time to start learning about this opportunity and make the most of it in the following years.

Don’t forget that you always have 30-day money back guarantee – so if you don’t like what you see, or if this is not for your, feel free to request a refund.

I will see you inside!


Who this course is for
Beginners That Want to Start Making Money from Trading and Investing in Crypto
People that want to make money by riding the wave of blockchain innovation
Low Experience Traders That are Looking for a Practical Approach & Habit Building
Passionate learners that really want to get deep into making money with crypto


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