You’re missing out on one of the biggest search engines and revenue streams on the Internet

YouTube is the 2nd most popular website in the world. When used right, it’s one of the best strategies to shoot up to the top of Google search results. And it’s a simple way to open up new revenue streams like ad revenue and product sales.

This course shows you exactly how we earn money with our YouTube channel and how to produce high-quality, effective YouTube videos that make money (without a ton of subscribers).

Making money on YouTube is NOT about subscribers. It’s about search results and sales.

I published my first video on YouTube 10 years ago for my brand Swim University. It was a short, standard definition video on how to clean a pool filter. And for the life of me, I couldn’t figure out how to make YouTube work.

I mean sure, I was getting views here and there. I even tried making a viral pool care rap video! It did well in the pool industry, but not to people who own pools.

Over the next 6 years, I made 70 more videos. But I was barely making around $300-$400 a month (in the big summer months), and I gave up.

Flash forward years later, I saw some of the videos I made were growing. They were getting loads of views. I flipped on the Monetization toggle and I started making money right away! I’ve been ignoring this gold mine!

What happened?

I started researching why certain videos were growing and why others weren’t. With that information and blueprint, I completely optimized my channel almost overnight and saw more views, more subscribers, and most importantly, more money!

But then I started taking things seriously. I revamped my entire YouTube strategy. It started producing searchable videos that ranked. I created simple workflows and templates to help me produce consistent content and hired help. And I started treating YouTube as a legit revenue source and sales funnel.

Once my partner and I started producing consistent videos on YouTube, we earned more ad revenue and our product sales took off. This past year, we earned $77,394.85 from YouTube alone!

And we didn’t have a ton of subscribers. We figured out how to get our videos to rank on Google and YouTube.

Outrank Your Competitors On Google With The Right YouTube Strategy

Our videos started getting more and more views — not from subscribers, but from SEO. By developing a smart keyword strategy, our videos started ranking not only on YouTube but on Google as well. Our videos became the top search results and our views increased exponentially. This past year, our channel got over 4.1 million views.

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