Create your UNIQUE Brand to make people remember YOU

What you’ll learn

  • Develop the mindsets, skillsets, and toolsets to create an amazing personal brand
  • Learn the principles behind personal positioning and branding
  • Detailed knowledge about what is personal positioning and branding and what it can do for YOU
  • Keep an Open Mind – Because mind is like a parachute and it works best when it is open
  • You should be willing to practice and implement the learning as you go along for better outcome


**Course Updated – Nov 2021**

Personal positioning is your own branding, it is simply what people think WHO you are. What we generally do is we let people brand us That is we let them judge about what we are rather then telling them who we are This is because we ourselves are scared and not sure about how we must portrait our self So, what we do is let them judge about who we are??

Positioning is not a statement about you Its a statement that captures who you are, its not a factual claim, but rather an emotional reason for people to want to be around you.

Positioning statement should be very crisp and powerful. The major problem with this is that half of the people might just start thinking about you in a variety of ways which might not be beneficial for your growth.

The world is an absolutely unfair place and positioning gives you extremely unfair advantage

Raise your hand, say Aye if you would like to have that unfair advantage? Positioning is that guaranteed formula that business will keep coming to you, you wont have to go scouting for it. Whatever you do, just do this right And my name is Susmita Dutta and in this course, I am going to tell you exactlyhow you too can do this for yourself

Author(s): Susmita Dutta


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