The Ultimate Guide for Increasing your YouTube Views, Subscribers and Revenue!

Over the course of 5-7 years I have run many successful YouTube channels, genres starting from How To’s all the way down to Gaming Let’s Plays.

You name it, I have probably created content for it.

I got to thinking…

Over the years of creating content, growing audiences and tweaking my videos to grow on an ever-changing platform I must have gained some knowledge to do with the process that is; YouTube.

If I had years of experience in a job, wouldn’t my knowledge be worth something?

Wouldn’t it be worth sharing?


I need to share everything I know, and everything I will learn about the thing I am most passionate about.


So, I would like to formally welcome you to this short guide on how you can…


In this free eBook I am going to go over the most essential things you need in order to build a successful YouTube channel.

The tips I am going to share can be used for a wide range of YouTube genres if implemented correctly.

I won’t keep you any longer!

Thank you for downloading this eBook and watching the video series I offer, your support means much more than you understand.


What you’ll learn

  • How to use SEO to get more views on YouTube (Using search terms correctly)
  • How to keep viewers watching your YouTube videos (Boost audience retention & watch time)
  • How to use your competition to create video topics (Topic planning from competitor videos with proof of virality)
  • How to grow your channel and maximise your subscriber base (Utilising techniques to keep subscribers coming back)

Are there any course requirements or prerequisites?

  • All you need is a YouTube channel!

Who this course is for:

  • Best suited for someone you is newer to YouTube

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