Learn Essential TikTok Marketing Strategies, how to build your following, Create viral content, & get millions of views


Course content

  • Welcome To The Complete TikTok Masterclass – Learn How To Go Viral on TikTok
    • Want to Get Millions of Views on TikTok Today?!
    • Welcome To Our Course!
    • Course Syllabus & Objectives – What is The Goal of This Course?
    • Course PDF Downloads
    • Action Exercise – Download TikTok and Create Your Account!
    • What is TikTok?
    • All of The Benefits to Using TikTok!
    • Action Exercise – Set Up Your TikTok Profile and Create Your First TikTok
    • Action Exercise – Your First TikTok
    • How To Create and Post A TikTok Video – Complete Overview
    • How To Upload A Video From Your Phone To TikTok
    • How To Create A TikTok Complete PDF Guide For Download
    • Section 1 Quiz
  • The TikTok Secrets Start Here! Learn The Secrets to Going Viral on TikTok
    • The TikTok Secrets Start Here! Welcome To Section 2
    • TikTok Secret Success Formula – How To Go From 0-500k Followers in 4 Months
    • TikTok Algorithm Secrets P1 – Batch Theory, Point System, and Tier Levels
    • TikTok Algorithm Secrets P2 – Niche Theory, Authority Ranking, Delay Theory
    • TikTok Algorithm Secrets Complete PDF
    • How To Structure and Make Viral Videos on TikTok From Scratch
    • Timing – When is The Best Time To Post on TikTok?
    • Best Times to Post Article and Time Sheet
    • Section 2 Quiz
  • Growing Your TikTok Account – How To Get A 100k+ Follower Account From Scratch!
    • Welcome To Section 3
    • How To Grow Your TikTok Account For Long Term Success
    • How To Grow Your Following of Raging Fans
    • How Often You Should on TikTok For Maximum Results
    • How To Earn Rewards and Get Paid for Your Sponsored Content on & off TikTok
    • ACTION EXERCISE – Creating Your Section TikTok
    • Section 3 Quiz
  • Case Studies- Duplicate My Success By Learning Step-By-Step From My Case Studies
    • Case Studies Introduction – What You Can Learn By Watching These Case Studies
    • Case Study #1 – How I went Super Viral and Got 10 Million + Views on 1 Video!
    • Case Study #2 – My First Ever Viral Video with 1.3 Million Views!
    • Case Study #3 – How I Got 990k Views from a Video on the Beach!
    • Case Study #4 – Failure! One of my Worst Performing Videos – Find out Why!
    • Extra Case Studies – How To Get On The For You Page and Create Viral Content
    • Case Studies Free PDF
    • Case Study Quiz
  • Additional TikTok Secrets and Hacks
    • Complete TikTok Overview and Walkthrough
    • How To Use TikTok P1
    • TikTok Settings Complete Overview
    • TikTok Analytics and Settings
    • Individual TikTok Analytics
    • How To Grab and Use Sounds From Other TikTok Videos
    • Duet – How To Duet Videos on TikTok
    • 4 Additional Ways To Get Noticed on TikTok
  • Course Summary and Conclusion
    • Course Summary and Conclusion – You Are Ready To Go Viral on TikTok!
  • Bonus Content and Videos
    • TikTok Video Goes Viral and get 3.7 MILLION VIEWS in REAL Time Part 1
    • TikTok Video Goes Viral in REAL Time Part 2
    • TikTok Video Goes Viral in REAL Time Part 3
    • TikTok Video Goes Viral in REAL Time Part 4
    • TikTok’s AI Explained and how to get more views
    • My First Viral Video Part 1
    • My First Viral Video Part 2
    • 20 Million TikTok Views Special Podcast Interview
    • NEW 2020 Podcast With Mark Tilbury – 400K TikTok Followers!
    • NEW TikTok Podcast 2020 – With Matt (240K Followers)

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