What you’ll learn

  • How to day trade Cryptocurrency
  • Risk management and profit taking strategies
  • Beginner/Intermediate Technical Analysis
  • Institutional trading techniques and how to use this in your favour
  • How to get started with no experience at all


  • No trading experience necessary. This course is designed for beginners.


My name is Alexander Neill,

I am a full-time crypto trader and investor. I am here to tell you what others won’t. The truth about day trading. The ads you see and the stories you have heard about traders “making millions by the pool” are complete and utter nonsense. This narrative totally undermines the effort that goes into successfully trading for a living. The game is designed by market makers to take your money. The groups or so called “gurus” selling signals for you to copy trade, eventually dump on you and before you know it, you’re back at your day job with your tail between your legs and an empty bank account. Unfortunately, this happens to 90% of traders in 3 months or less. Brokers and exchanges literally trade against you and no matter what you do your trades always seem to fail. So, is day trading possible and how?

Like everything in life, becoming successful requires, a sustained effort over time and a good amount of learning. Becoming a day trader will not be easy but it is possible depending on your level of commitment.

So, what do you need to know to make this work? Quite simply, the truth.

I myself got sucked into the charm of day trading crypto and subsequently donated $50,000 of my hard earn cash to the market makers that run this game. Unfortunately, I’d burnt all my bridges and had no other option but to make it work. It has taken even more losses and countless hours of study to consistently make profits in any market.

I want to show you how the game is designed to take your money, why 90% of traders lose 90% of their account in 90 days or less and what we can do to manage risk and make a profit.

What you will get.

– How to get set up and what programs to use

– Candlestick charting and trade patterns

– Entry level/Intermediate Technical analysis

– Trade Psychology


So why can’t you find this info for free? Well you can! There is a bunch of free information out there and I’ll show you where to find it, but the problem is that as a beginner it takes a very long time to filter through all the rubbish to get to the “golden nuggets”.

I have taken the time to compile all my nuggets of knowledge, if you will, and put together this straight to the point, beginners guide to day trading. If I’ve scared you off trading, you’re welcome, I’ve just saved you a bunch of time and potentially a lot of money. If like me, you will not take no for an answer, I’ll see you in the course.

-Your trader mate, Alexander Neill

Who this course is for:

  • Brand new day traders looking to get started, but not sure how.
  • New traders that have suffered large losses and want to learn how to become profitable in the long term

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