Welcome to the Youtube 101 Masterclass! 

I am going to teach you guys all the things you must know to create a successful youtube channel in 2021. I am going to show you guys all the important points you must know to Brand Yourself, get the proper gear, get Niche ideas for your videos, Ninja Tricks to beat the Youtube algorithm, and get Tips & Tricks to get more audience retentions, editing hacks and much more!

This course is made for people of all levels who want to start their youtube channel in 2021. I will teach from the beginning as well as show some advanced techniques which only a few successful YouTubers know!

Hey, I’m Pixel Samy and I have a Youtube Channel with over 100,000+ Subscribers! And guess what? I have reached here in just two years! 

In case you’ve never heard of me, here’s why I’m qualified to tell you why you should listen to my advice and tips & tricks while starting your youtube channel. I have :

  • Started out from my bedroom with zero knowledge, zero subscribers, zero views to building a channel of over 100K+ Subscribers.

    …But I’m not writing to you today to talk about myself. I want to show you how I can help you right now! Come! Join this masterclass right now!

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