Join YouTube superstar and late-night host Lilly Singh to discover how you can turn your love of storytelling into social media success!

Videos go viral for a reason: because they capture a truth or tell a story that resonates with viewers. Whether silly or sincere, an authentic story makes you feel seen, feel good, and feel like part of a community. Storytelling is also the engine that’s powered Lilly Singh from posting DIY comedy sketches in the early days of YouTube to today hosting a late-night talk show and connecting with 15M followers (and counting!) around the world.

Now for the first time, Lilly is sharing her process for online storytelling from start to finish, combining creativity, strategy, and inspiration into the ultimate content creation playbook. From ideating and scripting to shooting and marketing, you’ll learn exactly how a viral video gets made, and gain the tips and tools to create your own, whatever your platform.

Step-by-step lessons cover:

  • Finding your authentic voice, while staying strategic
  • Connecting with your audience on a visceral level
  • Balancing humor and sincerity as you shoot and edit
  • Navigating social media to make creativity your career

Plus, each lesson is packed with real-world examples from Lilly’s own channel, along with her favorite tips and tricks for DIY production (hint: start your wig collection now).

Whether you’re an aspiring YouTuber, TikTok comedian, or Instagram enthusiast who wants to grow your following, this hands-on and hilarious class will give you the tools to make your next video your best one yet. Discover your voice, carve out your niche, and share your story with the world—one video at a time!


The lessons in this class apply to all types of social media content creation, and can adapt to fit your platform and the story you want to tell. Incorporate Lilly’s tips into your current content creation process, and level up or down based on your equipment and experience. 

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