MyThemeShop WP Quiz Pro is a WordPress Plugin distributed by WP Quiz Pro is the number one WordPress plugin for building powerful and beautiful quizzes. This can increase engagement for any website or blog by keeping your users glued to the page. Use quizzes to go viral and destroy your bounce rate! Thanks to WP Quiz Pro, it couldn’t be easier!

Premium WordPress Plugin To Add Polished, Responsive & Modern Quizzes To Your Blog!

If you are the kind of person who takes a keen interest in creating high-traffic posts, you are going to love our new product.

Viral posts are hard to produce but wouldn’t it be amazing if you could have a method to create one viral post after another? What wouldn’t you give for such a method?

Creating an interesting quiz, targeted towards an enthusiastic audience, is the secret sauce for creating multiple viral posts in a row. People can’t stop themselves from finding out if they know more about a Movie/TV series than their friends or if their knowledge of celebrities is upto date.

MyThemeShop WP Quiz Pro WordPress Plugin

Single Quiz Styling

Change Question Color
Choose from 2 Unique Skins
Change Question Font
Change Question Background Color
Single Quiz Settings

Randomize Questions
Randomized Answers
Restart Questions
Enable Plugin Mention
Show Embed Code Toggle
Show or Hide Share Buttons
Enable Countdown Timer
Enable Auto Scroll to Next Question
Show Correct/Incorrect Answers After Quiz
Force Action to See Results
Show or Hide Ads from Quiz
General Plugin Settings

Integrate Google Analytics
Use MailChimp or GetResponse to Gather Email IDs
Enable Randomize Questions for All Quizzes
Randomized Answers for All Quizzes
Enable Restart Questions for All Quizzes
Promote the Plugin Across All Quizzes
Option to Use MyThemeShop User ID for Earning Commissions
Show Embed Code Toggle
Hide or Show Share Buttons Across the Board
Enable or Disable OpenGraph
Enter Facebook ID
Show or Hide Ads on All Quizzes
Show Ads after every Nth question
Repeat Ads Enable Option
Countdown Timer
Auto Scroll Option
Force Action Before Results

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